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Connecticut's Haunted Roads that You May Not Want to Explore on Your Next Road Trip

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The state of Connecticut is quite beautiful, but did you know there were a bunch of haunted locations throughout? Along with spooky houses, schools, hospitals, hotels and other popular destinations that are said to be haunted, Connecticut even has some haunted roads! 

These eerie roads are said to be haunted and some are seriously creepy during the nighttime. Check them out below and take note - you may not want to venture onto them during your next New England road trip!

Whirlwind Road in Wallingford
Although this road features gorgeous views of open fields and estates, it's also said to be the home to a resident ghost. Legends say that a woman's spirit appears on the road, soaking wet from drowning herself after her fiance left her at the alter. Stories say she appears on the road, vanishing once you pass her.

Hell Hollow Road in Voluntown
This narrow road sits along the Hell Hollow Pond and is believed to be haunted by a girl named Maude who was murdered. Reports of screams have been heard in the area, many believe the sounds come from Maude's spirit crying out.

Velvet Street in Trumbull 
Rumored to be haunted by a group of patients from a nearby mental hospital, this street is also known as Dracula Drive. It is now surrounded by woods and features a straight path with private driveways. It is best to use extra caution at nighttime, as the road is quite curvy and extremely dark. 

Downs Road in Hamden
This abandoned stretch of road is not open to the public and requires permission from the water company to gain access to it. This may be for the best as it is believed to be haunted by apparitions. The road connects Hamden to Bethany, but was never paved before being closed off to drivers. 

Saw Mill City Road in Shelton
Witnesses have reported seeing shadowy figures darting from tree to tree along this stretch of road. The scariest location on this road is said to run parallel to the Means Brook Reservoir. The apparitions are said to increase on this curvy road during the warmer months.

Lindley Street in Bridgeport
There is a horrific story that is linked to Lindley Street, and it is known as one of the most documented haunted in Connecticut's history. After the 1974 situation, the street brought in a ton of attention, although it was later said that the whole poltergeist occurrence was a hoax. There were still many events that took place that could not be explained, making some believe that the hoax confession was part of a cover up.

If you're a paranormal enthusiast who is intrigued by spirits, these roads are perfect for you - but if not, we suggest you only drive down them during the day!



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