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Halloween Candy Alternatives That Both Kids and Dentists Are Sure to Love!

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Looking for a healthy alternative to handing out candy this Halloween? With the amount of parents looking for diet-friendly, fun treats that aren't as sugar-laden, we've put together a guide to your best bets for non-candy Halloween Treats that kids are sure to love, with some help from the American Dental Association's Sugar-Free Halloween Guide, of course.

  • Spider Rings - They're cheap, they're cute, and they've been a beloved Halloween treat for kids for generations: Spider Rings. This non-candy treat is the classic alternative to sugar-filled goodies on Halloween.

  • Water Bottles - While this one might seem a bit odd, keep in mind - the kids will be out trick or treating all night. A water bottle might not be the most glamorous treat out there, but it's sure to be a welcomed treat after hours of walking to collect candy.

  • Scary Good Halloween Stickers - Another favorite of the 8 & Under Crowd is of course stickers, and lots of stores stock a variety of single packs of Halloween Sticker Sheets, so that your sugar-free trick or treaters can get their spook on well past Halloween!

  • Glow Sticks - This non-candy treat is both sweet, and practical - it's not only something that kids love, it can serve as a safety light for little ghosts and ghouls who are trick or treating after dusk.

  • Plastic Vampire Teeth - This is another classic non-candy favorite of little ghosts and ghouls everywhere - they're fun, they're cute, and they'll match your spider ring perfectly!
  • Spooky Temporary Tattoos - Temporary Tats will always be a hit with the littlest of trick or treaters, which is why they serve as a perfect candy-alternative to hand out on Halloween night.

  • Halloween Themed Pencils & Erasers - Maybe I'm just nostalgic, but I always loved getting Halloween-themed pencils and erasers on Halloween night when I was in elementary school. This is another fun, practical alternative to candy that kids are sure to love.

  • Individually Wrapped Tooth Brushes (OK, This One's Really Loved by Dentists, Not Kids) - Who hasn't gotten one of these on Halloween night? Whilst not necessarily a favorite, it sure is handy to have an extra individually wrapped tooth brush on hand for your next sleepover!

What's Your Favorite Non-Candy Halloween Treat? Let Us Know in the Comments Below!



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