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The Real Haunted Places That CT's Most Notorious Ghosts Call Home

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With so many historical places, it's no wonder that Connecticut is seen as a super-haunted place. Generally speaking, the consensus seems to be that when there's lots of history, there's lots of ghosts, and that makes sense - the more time people have spent in an area, the more opportunities there are for spirits to stay behind, so with hundreds of years of American history, it's no surprise that Connecticut is home to all sorts of ghosts, spirits, and apparitions across the state.

CT is home to a variety of real haunted places, ranging from historical buildings to entire towns plagued by the restless undead, CT is known across the globe as a hot spot for paranormal activity.

Not quite convinced? Check out these Connecticut Real Haunts and you'll be a true believe in no time!

  • Dudleytown - Cornwall, CT - Let's dive right into CT's haunted history with Dudleytown - a town so haunted, that it's also known as "The Village of the Damned". Dudleytown is home to all sorts of paranormal activity, ranging from "orb sitings", to reports to seeing full on apparitions. So who is it that's haunted Dudleytown, you're wondering? hy no other than the town's founders, The Dudleys, of course. The founder of the town, Edmund Dudley, was beheaded by King Henry VII for treason, and the family was curse.

    The curse followed the family all the way from England to Connecticut, and they're believe to haunt the town today. There have been reports of local residents going insane, committing suicide, and of course, all sorts of spirit sitings around the town - there's definitely a lot of haunted happenings going on in Dudleytown.

  • Charles Island - Milford, CT - Did you know that Connecticut has an entire haunted island? Do you know who haunts it? Well, none other than Captain William Kidd, AKA Billy the Kid, who put a curse on the Island in 1699 after hiding some treasure there at Hog Rock, a giant boulder that's on Charles Island. The land is also believed to be cursed by a local Native American tribe, The Paugussett, who were not happy when European settlers laid claim to their lands. For an incredibly tiny island, it sure does have a lot of curses on it.

    Despite all the bad juju, the Island is actually open to the public - it is currently home to the Silver Sands State Park and Nature Preserve.

  • Union Cemetery - Easton, CT -  Union Cemetery is home to the now-infamous "White Lady", an apparition that's been seen by locals and paranormal enthusiasts alike over the years. The cemetery, which is over 400 years old, is one of CT's most iconic real haunts, in no small part due to the book published by paranormal expert husband and wife team Ed & Lorraine Warren in the 90s. The duo documented all sorts of paranormal activity at Union Cemetery, and their published findings have encouraged ghost hunters from around the globe to check out this most haunted of Connecticut cemeteries.

  • Devil's Hopyard State Park - East Haddam, CT - With a name like "Devil's Hopyard", it's no surprise that this place is haunted - really. The now-state-park is believed to be a favorite earth-bound hang out of the Devil himself, who has been seen playing his fiddle atop the waterfall that is at the center of the park. People have also reported a variety of eerie occurrences as well - light orbs, demonic voices, evil laughter, spooky mysterious shadows, and more.

    It seems like there's an awful lot of creepy stuff going on down at the Devil's Hopyard.

  • The Sterling Opera House - Derby, CT - The Opera House originally opened its doors in 1889, and despite being abandoned for a short period in the 1960s, the Opera House has been restored to its former glory, and the current owners even embrace the building's haunted history, happily hosting ghost hunters from around the globe. It is said that figures in Victorian era clothing have appeared in random photos from the Opera House, as well as orbs, and other eerie apparitions.

    Others have reported seeing shadowy figures lurking around, and the handprints of children appearing and disappearing throughout the Opera House. The property is believed to be haunted by numerous spirits, including a little boy named Andy.

Still not convinced? Why not go check out one of CT's most haunted places in person? Many of the most haunted places across the state are open to the public, so you can go see what the fuss is all about, and come to your own conclusions about which places are truly haunted.

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