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Gunntown Cemetery - Real Naugatuck Haunted Place

  • 243 Gunntown Rd.
  • Naugatuck, CT
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This cemetery is believed to be haunted by a few different spirits, one is that of a man with a lantern who is leading a horse, another of a young boy who plays near the back wall, and one of a black ghost dog. Cold spots, mists, orbs, unexplained laughter and music have been reported at the cemetery by visitors.
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  • Voices and shadows

    I am from Naugatuck, I have been visiting this place for years. I am really sensitive to spirits. I can see them, hear them, feel their energy. Whenever I go, I always hear whispers, footsteps, chills, etc. However- last time I went back in November 2022, around 10pm, it was insane. I heard conversations, (I was alone) I heard a man shouting, I also saw shadows DART full force near my car. I also felt uneasy. I tried to start my car after and it would not start. Took a few tries to get it to turn on.

    Posted 12/14/23

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  • Not for the faint of heart

    I visited Gunntown last fall with my mom and oldest daughter. Unfamiliar with the terrain and history. I was skeptical upon entering because I can sense these things and I felt very uneasy so I stayed close to the entrance as my daughter and mom blindly took off towards the back right corner for whatever reason. Not 5 minutes into this I heard a very unearthly and unfriendly growl right beside me to my right and it sounded to be a warning and threatening. It was evil and not any animal noise from our realm. I took off immediately after asking if anyone else heard it and my mom replied “I did”! We left but got a few wildly unexplainable pictures!

    Posted 9/17/23

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  • Beautiful

    Beautiful and peaceful. We heard children calling out and very odd noises from the wall so we walked up to it quite scared. It was coming from the house out back…..there were emus in a fenced in area and children playing in the pool .

    Posted 7/2/23

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  • Guntown cemetery small but good find

    Me and two of my close friends decided to go here for our first ghost hunt. We came in blind not knowing any of the accounts that had happened and decided to walk around the Graves during the day and look up who everyone was,seeing as how they were very old. While walking around during the day there were certain spots that made us feel uneasy and cold. Specifically next to the huge tree in front and in back. One of the Graves on the far right infront of the tree was freezing leaving a sensation of COLD all along our spines under our shirts. It was only there and a few other areas around the right of the graveyard and farther back. After doing some research we decided to leave and come back later tonight to see it was more of the same ot well more. We weren't disappointed. Immediately the atmosphere was different. It was dead silent and pitch black. Once we stepped foot into the graveyard again me and one of my friends saw two huge black figure on the back wall and over a grave then all three of us got Immediately cold. Afterward we heard in the tree far in the back rustling in the bushes when we looked nothing was there after we investigated it sounded as if something was running full speed at us so we ran out and left. truly a wonderful yet terrifying experience. Coming back soon to check again.

    Posted 5/11/23

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    Spirits caught on camera and one of our friends got her foot held down by a “spirit” next to one of the graves, one of the other people who went with us caught a scream on this old recorder device

    Posted 3/21/23

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  • Gunntown Cemetery

    Me and my mother decided to check it out because we are into paranormal activity and i’m a medium. I can see and talk to spirits. One day I went there and i was trying to take pictures and my phone was acting up. I heard a lot of laughing from the back wall of the cemetery( specifically children laughing) and I walked back there to see what it was and it was children tombstones sunk into the ground. If you enjoy paranormal activity, I highly recommend this cemetery!

    Posted 12/10/21

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  • More to Gunntown Than The Obvious

    Oct 6th 2020 daytime, I passed through the gate and immediately headed towards the left front side where I headed towards the headstone of 10mo old Marian Bradley (where all the childhood toys have been placed.) while video recording. I sensed nothing at the time but upon reviewing the video later I discovered as I was making a commentary about her, my voice was nearly drowned by "static or " " am radio type interference". As I turned away the noise subsided, turning back it resumed in intensity. At the time I was using a Nikon D750 with a Rode $300.00 stereo videmic. That mic has never before or after acted up. No matter what I wore to listen/decifer or understand what might be buried in the static, was unable to. This portion of video can be seen on my first Youtube video of a duration of 1he 15min. The beauty of Gunntown at any time of day or night is tremendous!

    Posted 5/21/21

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  • Always something

    Every time I go here at night something spooky happens to me, voices and more. Last time I thought my son was sneaking up behind me to scare me but he was actually in front of me. I don’t know what was coming up from behind.

    Posted 6/13/20

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  • there is more then a few spirits

    so i went hear a few months ago around 1:00 AM and i will most likely never forget it. the first thing that was odd was i kept seeing a black dog like thing slowly walk tords the left wall and it made a growl like noise it sounded like a grrrroulllll in a very deep and low voice. I heard lots of murmiring and whispering. some of the things that i made out were very unsedling like "he is watching" and i heard something say it cut out half way through though "he will not- ???" and i saw alot of people moving mostly around the back wall. there was a toy car that kept moving back and forth near the front. I felt someone like push or slap y in the chest and when i got home there was a light red hand print right in the center of my chest.

    Posted 12/29/18

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  • Small yet spooky

    I've been there almost a dozen times and have felt nothing and seen nothing. Its pretty cool to checkout at night though. If you live 15-20 minutes away its worth checking out.

    Posted 6/7/17

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  • Scratched

    One time me and 2 of my close friends decided to go to the cemetery it wasn't our first time, while there we saw lights that had no explanation and felt very cold and unwelcomed one of my friends seemed off she was walking very freely around the cemetery saying she felt at peace here we often heard story's about how the back tree was no good and to stay away she kept wanting to go twords it. We had to convince her to get in the car and come with us , later that night she called me into the bathroom while she was taking a shower to show me giant claw looking scratches all on her arms.

    Posted 7/8/16

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  • Its haunted history

    Years ago a friend and myself decided to go on a drive to some of the known haunted areas. We stopped at Guntown. It was a very rainy day...no one was around at it was after midnight. We heard the sound of a party but the houses around were all dark. We found beanie babies in the back..perfectly dry...we walked back to the front and two very tall white figures which looked to be like they were standing guard on each side of where the beanie babies were.

    Posted 7/7/16

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